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Mattress Coupon

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A friend recently purchased a new mattress for her son, who is attending college in New York and relies solely on public transportation. I'd recommended Amerisleep to her, thinking it was perfect because it could be shipped directly to his door. 

After discussing it though, we decided that investing in an Amerisleep twin mattress might not be the best choice. He would be leaving school in less than two years and needed a cheap, temporary solution.

We spent some time comparison shopping online. Based on cost alone, our top choice was a Sleep Number bed, which was on sale for $399. My friend said, "Two hundred a year is nothing compared to tuition. Sold!" We'd read some iffy reviews online about Sleep Number mattresses not lasting, an opinion reinforced by their abysmally short warranty, but hoped it would at least make it two years. I helped her navigate the checkout process, entering all of her son's delivery information, and felt confident in our choice. Then, Sleep Number demanded an extra $90 for delivery. Outrageous!

Back to square one. The next cheapest mattress on our list was the Leesa bed, which was on sale for $450 and included the ever-important free delivery. Granted, this was only $50 less than my beloved and highly-recommended Amerisleep mattress. With no options, no frills, and no track record (they'd been selling mattresses for only a year), Leesa is the poster child of dorm room living. We didn't need the mattress to last though.

Out of time, my friend had to go but said she could handle placing the order on her own later. She's not at all computer-savvy (our dogs even have her beat in the computer department and they're both terrible), but she was insistent. I should have known better. 

When we met up the next day, she had ordered her son a new Leesa mattress, but confessed the order process had taken absolutely forever. 

"I kept trying to get the memory foam mattress discount through your blog," she said, "but it wouldn't work." (For the record, this is not the same friend who thought my mattress was filled with straw. I may need to expand my circle of friends.) 

I explained that the memory foam mattress discount through my blog is specifically for only one kind of memory foam mattress, Amerisleep. "But there was an ad for Leesa right there on your site," she said. I explained that Google showed her that ad on my site because she'd been researching Leesa mattresses and that I have no control over what ad is displayed. (Actually, I have a funny story about this. Silly Google.) You can't just go through the Amerisleep link to get a discount on any brand of mattress!

"Well, maybe you should fix that," she said.

So, 447 words into this post, I am finally getting to the point. You're welcome, Carol.

Mattress Coupons: Save Extra Money on Your New Mattress
(Even if it's not Amerisleep...but you really should buy an Amerisleep mattress! Here's why.)

The best thing about most of these discount links is that the extra savings are applied at the end of the checkout process, even if you purchase a mattress that's on sale or use a coupon from the mattress website. That's double the savings! Yours truly will also receive a bonus if you go through my link. I like to think I'll invest the extra dollars in something important, like replenishing my supply of spaghetti. (Update: I did not purchase enough.)

We think our AS3 is much better than Tempurpedic at less than half the cost.

Here is an extensive list of all the Amerisleep coupons currently available:

Layla Sleep
Try their weighted blanket

Here is a list of all Layla Sleep promos currently available:

Brooklyn Bedding
Proceeds from this bed-in-a-box brand go toward helping foster children

Brooklyn Bedding has extended their Memorial Day sale, but only for a short while longer.

1. Save 20% on Any Size Mattress with Coupon SUMMER20.
Bear Mattress
Roar! Try their zero-gravity adjustable bed base

1. Save 20% on Any Item + Receive 2 Free Cloud Pillows with Any Mattress or Bundle Purchase with Promo Code JULY20.
Zoma Mattress
From the creators of Amerisleep, this is a bed engineered for athletes

1. Save $150 on Any Size Mattress with Promo Code WIN15.
Sleep & Beyond
Not ready to invest in a new mattress? Try a mattress topper and pillows. The ones from Sleep & Beyond are made from wool

1. Save 10% on any item with Promo SBEARTH2020.

7/5/19 Update: This post started with dozens of bed-in-a-box companies and has since been whittled down to only 3...because all of the others on my list are no longer in business! When investing in a new mattress, be sure to go with a reputable brand. A lifetime warranty isn't going to do you any good if the company no longer exists.

Whew! When I started this coupon list, I never expected there to be so many mail-order mattress companies to include. Hooray for Google, right? I'd be interested in learning where each of these mattresses is built, as I have a strong suspicion several of them are actually the exact same company/same factory/same mattress masquerading under different names. 

I'm also curious how long each mattress brand has been around. While there are certainly reputable ones, I'm worried some of these newcomers may just be latching onto Amerisleep's success in the hope of making a quick buck, quality be darned.

I can't offer much help if you're set on a GhostBed or Zotto mattress (I chose those two examples because they're fun to say. Zotto! Ghostbed!) but please feel free to send me an email with any questions about our Amerisleep AS3 mattress. We've had it since 2012 and could not be happier.

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Sexy Nerd smoked us a turkey yesterday and was glad to have a comfy mattress where he could wait out his tryptophan-induced sleepiness.

Experts say the tryptophan food coma is just a myth, Sexy Nerd. You hit the mattress due to overeating!