Mattress Reviews

mattress reviews
Amerisleep makes me jump for joy. No, that's too corny. try coming up with something clever pre-coffee.

Over the years, many readers have emailed me questions while trying to decide on the best mattress to purchase. I love receiving these emails! Even better, my blog readers often send a follow-up message after their new bed has been received.

Here are a few excerpts from my favorite mattress reviews received from real Amerisleep customers. Do I feel all warm and fuzzy knowing it was my blog that helped them sleep better? You bet I do!

I actually used to have a lot of anxiety about this. (If you read my main site, you know I tend to have a lot of anxiety about many things.) I feared that I would open my inbox one morning to discover a scathing email from someone who did not enjoy the new Amerisleep mattress that I had recommended. In the more than 8 years since posting my original AS3 review, this has never happened.

That in itself is a heck of a testimonial!

Mattress Reviews

Real Customer Testimonial #1

"Janet and I absolutely LOVE our mattress! It has made such a difference in our ability to get a good night's rest."

Real Customer Testimonial #2

"Hi, Kitty,

I emailed you in early December about considering an Amerisleep mattress. You kindly replied, and I wanted to give you an update.

We did order a King bed, and I was surprised that it arrived so quickly. In fact, we weren’t ready for it so we had to scramble to get things ready. (New paint, leading to new carpet, leading to re-arranging the bedroom.)

Anyway, we finally were able to start sleeping on it and we are absolutely thrilled! Thank you for posting your honest evaluation."

Real Customer Testimonial #3

"Our shipment arrived much sooner than expected, and even though I was skeptical about how a mattress could fit in a box, the whole setup process was pretty easy.

If anyone is unsure, I can tell you I am 100% satisfied with my mattress."

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