How to Sleep Better

Amazon's 9 Best Sleep Products (Including 1 Freebie!) Be sure to bookmark this page. As a lifelong insomniac, I am constantly on the lookout for things that can help me sleep. I will continue to add to this list whenever I find something new and highly rated. I will also update this post with my own product experiences. My Amerisleep mattresses (AS3 initially, then a new AS2 when we moved, then back to our original AS3) have already made a major difference in the quality of my sleep, so I know investing in sleep can help.
Here are the top-rated products to help you sleep better, all sold by the world's largest retailer. No, wine is not on the list - contrary to popular belief, a glass of alcohol (or several glasses) is not beneficial for improving the quality of your sleep. Darn!
How to Sleep Better Best Memory Foam Pillow Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow
I recommended this pillow when I first ordered it, back on Black Friday, and I still love it. This is t…

Mattress Buying Guide

Mattresses Made in USA
It has been more than 8 years since we purchased our first mail-order mattress, an Amerisleep AS3. Yes, with our own money! Really! 
(I think this is worth noting as it often seems like every "unbiased" Amerisleep review has a disclaimer that the reviewer received one for free. So, you received this and 50 other mattresses - did you even sleep on it for one night? There also seem to be lots of sneaky sites out there, like Sleepopolis and Mattress Clarity, that claim to be unbiased but are actually owned by the same company, which seems to basically be Casper. Google "does sleepopolis own casper" and you'll see what I mean. Crazy, right?) 
Long story short, I thought it would be appropriate to provide an update to my Amerisleep mattress reviews after so much time. I've also created a handy comparison chart. I'd intended to make a buying guide like this back when we bought our AS3 in 2012 and now, finally, here it is. That's got to…

Best Blanket

SN and I have a new blanket, which I normally wouldn't bother to blog about, but this is no ordinary blanket. It's the BEST blanket.
Actually, it's technically a duvet, but isn't that just a fancy word for blanket?(Google says it's not. I'm going to use it as a blanket anyway.) 
It is made with a Celliant fabric, just like our beloved Amerisleep mattresses, and has a Celliant filling.
Best Blanket: Amerisleep Recover+ Duvet with Celliant
Amerisleep says their new duvet is like snuggling with a cloud, but I prefer to think of it as a big, toasty cinnamon bun.
Best Blanket We've been using the new Amerisleep Recover+ Duvet for about 2 weeks and have had a love/hate relationship with it.
LOVE: Surprisingly, through the magic of Celliant, the Recover+ Duvet actually calms my Restless Leg Syndrome. I know, this sounds crazy. A blanket that cures Restless Leg Syndrome? The science behind Celliant is at the bottom of this post.
HATE: The queen-size will set you back a who…

What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

We purchased and reviewed our first mail order mattress, an Amerisleep AS3, in 2012. Since then, I've received hundreds of email inquiries from blog readers wanting help with their mattress buying decision. 

This week, I received my first-ever question about a hybrid mattress. What is a hybrid mattress?
I had no idea. It turns out that a hybrid mattress is simply a mattress that combines the benefits of a memory foam mattress with the benefits of a spring mattress, giving you the best of both worlds. Perhaps they should call this a super mattress.
Here is our email conversation, including hybrid mattress advice straight from Amerisleep. I've removed the reader's name for privacy. What is a Hybrid Mattress?Kitty,
My wife and I are looking for a new bed. We are highly considering the AS3 as she likes a softer bed and I like one a little firmer. I am heavier, 290, she is much lighter, 165. I am telling you that because we are wondering if we should purchase the AS3 or the AS3 hybr…

Mail Order Mattress

Remember when you had to schlep home from the mattress store with your new bed strapped awkwardly to your car? Hooray for the inventor of the mail order mattress. What a time to be alive!
When I was in high school, my mom and I actually had a new mattress fall out of the back of our truck. Fun times.

Nowadays, having a mattress delivered is free and easy. Mattresses arrive in such tiny, compacted boxes that even yours truly can move them. And I'm a wimp!
When we purchased mail order mattresses for our new home, we recorded their dramatic unboxings. Mail Order Mattress It's alive! 
See how easy that was? Both of these beds continued to expand for the next couple of hours, reaching their final size by the next day. I'm always amazed by how thin mail order mattresses start out in their box.
Oh, one more thing. I am a rambler. One more, more thing, I'd like to share a nifty email I recently received from one of my blog readers. I've been wanting to share this but wasn't s…